Spring Cleaning for Busy Moms Weekend Assignment

Busiest Moms in the World Spring Clean Challenge Day 26

Weekend Assignment

Spring finally feels as if it is here!  I actually went outside without a jacket two days in a row! Woohoo!


For our weekend assignment we are going to revisit each space we have cleaned and tidy and put away any clutter that has invaded those areas.


For our office/extra room: Please take 2 minutes and clear off any flat surface of your choice. This means throw out the trash and put away as many items as you can. This does not mean shove everything in a box and put it in the closet.  Just do what you can and the rest can wait.

You many not finish, and that is okay.  For many of us this is a holiday weekend and we are all probably very busy.


Have a Rockin’ and Blessed Weekend!

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