Star Wars Never Gets Old But Clutter Does



Its a  three day weekend so my little guy is upstairs sound asleep in his Star Wars bed surrounded by books and Legos.  This is my favorite kind of Monday to teach home-making skills to my children and one of those skills is cooking.


What age do you start teaching your children to cook?


We are going to do a little Star Wars baking from his newly acquired Star Wars cookbook and then maybe catch a movie and dinner. This whole day should be interesting as I have no idea what to expect in a Star Wars cookbook.  Perhaps a Galaxy Cobb Salad? Who am I kidding, the book is designed for children and will probably have recipes for all things a gal my age needs to avoid at all times, cookies, cakes and waffles. Oh to be young again and to indulge as if there were no tomorrow.


By the way, if you are catching a few early shopping days for the Holidays the Star Wars Origami books are really well loved by 7-10 year old boys.  They sell them at Costco and on  The newest book is The Secret of the Fortune Wookiee: An Origami Yoda Book .  We have already read it once and have designed the Wookie and are designing more.  We have origami Star Wars characters all over the house!



      Star Wars Never Gets Old But Clutter Does






Anyways, on to the Simple Daily Challenge:


We are hanging out in the kitchen for the week and it will be our last week until the Super-Sized Holiday Clutter and Clean Up series.  However today is Monday and we are fighting Clutter Crime like mom around the world do with a song in our hearts and a bag on our hips.


So get out your tools and set your music on full momma blast and let us fight some clutter crime.  Our goal is 100 items of clutter in 10 minutes or less.


Happy Monday


P.S. Now that I am finished with book fair I can play catch up on my recipes and my broom closet.  The broom closet is mostly finished aside from decided how to store my cleaners. I am gong to scour the web looking for ideas this morning.



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