100 Club – Its Makes Mondays Feel Like Fridays

Its Monday! Its like Friday, only not.

But it can be fun if we just realize no matter how we stack up the hours it is still Monday.  So lets make the best of it. Let’s get our shoes on so that we can move quickly and grab a bag for trash for 100 Club! Clearing out clutter will dash the Monday blues away!

  • So much fun you will tap your toes and snap your fingers.
  • So much fun it makes Mondays feel like Fridays, yes it its that good.

Simple Daily Challenge: Pick up and put away 100 items.  Yes, Legos and Barbie shoes count as well as random pop bottles and candy wrappers.  Our goal is 100 and out time is around 10 minutes or 3 groovy tunes.  Today, we are tapping our toes to a little Mary Poppins and I am sorry in advance for getting this song stuck in your head….




Happy Monday!

100 Clutter Challenge

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