Donations_ Don’t let them sit around and gather dust.


Well, I think we have all been here.  We gather up all those outgrown clothes from our children’s closet and our own (*sigh*), put them in huge garbage bags and put them by the front door.

And boom, there they sit, and sit, and sit, and sit.

Well, not for me.  Today I am challenging myself to put those bags in my mom-van and take them with me bright and early to drop off at the local clothes and shoes drop box.

I don’t know how your neighborhood is but in my neck of the woods they are at most groceries, several banks, and several churches.

There really is no excuse.

So if you have some donations sitting around, grab them, put them in the car and drop them off.

Then go celebrate your kindness with a yummy Starbucks treat or an new mag at the local bookstore.

Mommas Rock!

Tiny Note.. if you read this.  Happy Birthday to my husband. You rock as well.

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