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School Supplies tool box


If you have a little procrastinating, Minecraft loving, person in your house then you might understand how important it is to have school supplies on hand for after school homework time.

When my son gets up to sharpen a pencil or look for a piece of scratch paper it can sometime take 5 minutes before he gets settled in and back to the business of homework.

Enter the Home Work Tool Box


school tool box

I found this really nifty caddy at Home Goods, but you can use just about anything from a plastic cleaning caddy from the dollar store to a large shoe box. As long as it holds the basics, pencils, paper, scissors, pencil sharpener and crayons or colored pencils you will  be saving precious homework time!

schooltoolbox items

Here is what is in our  box along with the current book we are reading.


Filled school tool box

I had to add one glass cup for the Sharpies until I find another pencil caddy that I like. The Mead Pencil Holder holds special art supplies and a large gum eraser.  It is really cool because it can stand on its own.


second shot filled school toool box

I have fallen in love with the Tool Box and would love to make one for myself for my Doodling!


Tool Box Finished

Our Homework Tool Box is saving precious minutes in our day so that we have more time for all that this school year brings us as a busy family!  I encourage you to make a tool box of your own!

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