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Home Booster For Busy Moms- Kitchen Storage

Today we are exploring kitchen storage.  There are so many cool ideas on the vast World Wide Web, that we could probably explore ideas for the next 10 weeks and still have a billion more photos to enjoy.

The photo above was one of my favorites.  But I must say, putting that mixer on the top row looks down right dangerous. Perhaps the use only bakes at Christmas or Hanukkah.

The lid storage behind the pans is extremely clever.  I enjoy the ever evolving ideas of kitchen storage and am actually Pinning this one for my dream kitchen.

I use a Lazy Suzan for my small plastic storage, this idea trumps mine, but I would bet mine set up is a whole bunch more ecomomical.

I love the wooden holder unet on the door!

I would love to see my vinegar spray bottle and Method glass cleaner hanging sitting in something like that in my kitchen.

Simple Daily Challenge: Spend 5 minutes going through the pantry and other cabinets looking for outdated food, spices, and brocken or chipped dishes.  If the dish is a family heriloom then keep it, but if you can free up that space then just throw it away. The less stuff we have the eaiser it is to organize.  Now take two mintes and straighten up the pantry shelves and you are finished with you Simple Daily Challenge for Kitchen Organizations for they day!

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Question: Do you have a clever idea for kitchen organization?  Would love to hear about it !



It is Home Booster Month at Momma Can! Organize, Cook, Clean and Dream.

Each day we will have inspiring photos, simple daily challenges to get our home tidy and clean and a recipe from time to time that is easy to cook and kid friendly.


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  1. I love the rolling cabinet for the tupperware and pots/pans. They are already on my wish list. I agree with the mixer on top being dangerous, for me anyway LOL! I never thought of a lazy susan for that and can’t picture it unless it is big??

    1. It is a nice sized one, but not big enough for the really large Rubber Maid containers. I tend to only use the smaller sized ones any way so it works for me. I keep a couple in another location for special occasions.

  2. I love this kitchen style. This is really amazing. And Pam… Thanks a lot for providing this information as I am also a working woman and thus finding some great ideas for my kitchen style and now finally found from your post. Thanks for making this post informative and helping all the working moms.

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