Triple Dog Dare! Just For Moms!

Busy in the Kitchen

Triple Dog Dare – Taking Care of You

I have noticed that lots of my mom friends talk a big talk but many times do not follow through.  We have our coffee chats and tell each other that YOU need to make time for yourself. YOU need to make that doctor’s appointment! YOU need to find a sitter a have a date with your spouse or significant other!

Are you feeling it?  The Walk of Shame.  The sound of a duh moment dropping in the night. The breath of Procrastination. The Should of, Could of , Would of, Waltz of Life.

Today our simple daily challenge is a Triple Dog Dare.  I Triple Dog Dare You to pick three or make up three of your own that you have been procrastinating about:

  1. Make a date time with you husband or a good friend.
  2. Make a hair appointment or get your nails done.
  3. Make that doctor’s or dentist appointment that you have been putting off.
  4. Take the long hot bath you have been putting off until Summer Break!

Enjoy Your Day!

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  1. Hubby and I regularly have a date night. But it reminds me I do have to make an eye doctor appointment I’ve been putting off…ahhhh..procrastination! Great challenge!

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