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Couch Squatters Beware


couch squatters

Squatting consists of occupying an abandoned or unoccupied area of land and/or a building – usually residential .

Couch Squatting is any item occupying a couch that does not belong there. This is includes random household objects, last year’s Halloween costume, computer bags, popcorn kernels, size 16 basketball shoes and raincoats. Puppies and kittens are squatters only when you are home. When you are out for the day, they become kings and queens of the couch.

At any giving time  I can walk through my house and find at least 4 couch squatters if not 50.

Today we are evicting the couch squatters in our Simple Daily Challenge.

Simple Daily Challenge: Take 5 to 10 minutes to put all Couch Squatters away.  This may include dragging out a broom or the vacuum with the hose attached. Couch squatters come in all sizes and many times they can be an army of potato chip crumbs.  When you are finished with this challenge sit on your nice tidied couch and enjoy its uncluttered surface with a cup of tea or zippy cold water.

Enjoy your day you are all rock stars!

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