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100 Club Because Clutter Is A Fat Time Waster


Today we are rocking a new Monday! I cannot think of a better way to start the week then to get rid of the stuff that makes our life miserable because we can’t find things.  Putting away and ridding ourselves of clutter is the fastest way to clear our heads so that we can get things done quicker.  We, the insanely busy moms and dads of this crazy century need to streamline our live just to keep up with in this fast-paced world.


It is Monday! Which means we are paying our 100 club dues. So grab that trash bag and clutter box and turn on some music.  Put away, donate or trash 100 items and if your children are home today have them jump in and put away as many toys as they can during perhaps one song on a CD.  Just tell them that Legos and Barbie Shoes count and they will probably beat you to the finish line!

The 100 club is not just for moms, it’s for the whole family!

Stay tuned for our next 30 day challenge!  A mini announcement was made on Facebook last night, so I will give you the same here!

Organize your life, even the impossible is possible one tiny project at a time. – mommacan.com


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