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Back to School Child’s Room Clutter Fix in 10 for Toys

School days are just around the corner.  I am in the organizing mode and am preparing my child’s bedroom, study area and play area for the New Year.  I have already given my son’s closet a clutter fix and wow was it packed.
This morning I tackled the toys that he keeps in his bedroom.  Combined with the outgrown clothing from yesterday and the outgrown toys from today I had a whopping 13 large garbage bags full to donate!  

I still have his play area in the family room/music studio area but I have really taken a big bite out of the clutter monster and am feeling pretty momma proud.

My son feels as if his room is already complete.  However, there is one more area I need to address and that is his book collection.  This is my chore for today and it will break my heart to donate books that I have read to my son over the past 7 years.  However, I look forward to reading the new more complicated books as he grows.

Have your children accumulated too many toys that they no longer enjoy?  I am sure there is some child somewhere that would love to get some new play time out of these wonderful items.

Simple Daily Challenge:  Gather up all the toys your children have out grown, bag them and take them to the nearest shelter or donation center.   I spent around 10 minutes going through my son’s toys and came out with so many still very nice items that will hopefully be enjoyed by a another little boy in the very near future.

I am moving forward and helping those in need.  It feels really good and Little Guy is enjoying a more peaceful room.  My goal is to have his room simple enough that he may make his bed in the morning without tripping on clutter and to make it simple enough that he can tidy his room in less than 5 minutes.


Question:  Do you limit the amount of toys in your child’s room?


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  1. following from FNF hop!
    I like to rotate my kids toys! It is like xmas when we pull out that bin!

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  3. I am in the process of de-cluttering my 4 year old son’s room. We have taken several large garbage bags to our local donation center. I agree with you that the room is much more peaceful without the clutter. My kids tend to play more with their toys when there are less of them! A friend recently gave us a bunch of transformers that her son is no longer using, so I was highly motivated to de-clutter with the onset of new toys. Less clutter is such a freeing feeling.

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