Fighting Clutter Crime Every Day

It is Monday! Hooray! It is Monday! We are shooting for the stars today. Embracing our inner mommy shine and clearing out the debris to make room for happy memories.

What is happening at Momma’s house. 

Little guy is at home for President’s day.  We are going to read a little bit, practice some flash cards and then go outside and soak in the California sunshine.

But before any of this happens I am embarking on a 100 pick-up plus.  Pick-up plus she says?  You betcha my friends, I am feeling pretty motivated today and thought I might try a double whammy.  200 pick-up because I am going through my bedroom with a fine tooth comb.

My bedroom does not feel so calming these days and I need to take the bull by the horns and get down to business.

Simple Daily Challenge: 100 pick-up and a double Whammy if you so desire. Why? Because we love to fight clutter! Clutter is the enemy and we are the super mommy heroes fighting clutter crime every day.

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  1. I hate clutter–I actually find it difficult to concentrate if things around me aren’t neat and organized. I hope you had a great day with your son!

  2. Clutter seems to be the bane of my existence. I feel like I would need to pick up 300 things a day to be able to make a dent it in at home and at work. We do the same thing with our child though–we ask her to pick up a certain number of objects each day and put them away. It just keeps the clutter at bay though without actually overcoming it! Good luck with managing yours.

    1. I keep telling myself the more I get rid of the less stuff I will have to put away. I actually enjoy getting rid of clutter, it give me a sense of freedom and motivates other productivity.

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