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31 Day Clutter Crusade – Day 19 – Your Craft Stash

sewing cabinet
Harbor View Craft Armoire

How to Declutter Your Craft Supplies You Craft Stash

I love paper crafting, occasionally dipping my brush into acrylics, and have bought a sewing machine in anticipation of learning a new craft. I am a craft hoarder. I was scrapbooking before it became a fad and doodled my way through school collecting markers like prized baseball cards.

In other words, I am a craft hoarder and over time have learned my lesson that too much is simply too much. Crafts can swiftly clutter a room just by one trip to the local art supply store.  Your craft area, box or desk has to be guarded like Fort Knox lest it be overwhelmed with clutter.


how to declutter your craft  supplies

Today we are decluttering our craft stash for 10 simple minutes. Remember, Rome was not built in a day.
Go to the messiest area of your craft room, craft desk, or wherever you keep your craft stash.

We are using our Keep It, Toss It Donate It method for this crusade challenge.

Keep It: If you have used it in the last 12 months ( seasonal crafts), have a craft ready to create using the product, enjoy using a similar item and cannot part with it. 

Donate It – If you have too many, have not used it in over 12 months and have no plans to use it in a project. 
Trash It – if it is broken, torn, or not useful to anyone any longer. 

I have found that many of the my ink and stamp pad collections have dried up or no longer interest me as well as certain paper designs. Today those are either being donated or trash in 10 simple minutes.

Are you ready?  Now let’s get to it!

Here is the 31 day Clutter Crusade Guide for the Month

You can right-click this photo and save it to your desk top or print it and share it with friends. Give Mommacan.com some love by tweeting you progress or sharing on Facebook with the hashtags #cluttercrusade or  #mommacan.com. I am mommacansing on Twitter.

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