3 Days To A Clean Car For Busy Moms – It’s Day Two!


It is day two for our Mom Taxis.  After emptying all the trash the inside is looking so much better.

But what is might noticeable is the grass and this and that on the carpets.  Sometimes I wonder if we should keep welcome mats on the outside of the car.  But this would be useless for those days when we visit the local park and the grass and sand are dragged in to hang out.

What ends up on the floor mats in your car?  Is there a little trail of popcorn, french fries or Playdough balls ?

Another odd catch-all is what finds itself underneath the car seat.  This is a landing zone of all things disgusting. If you have not looked under the carseat in while be prepared with a gas masks, protective gloves and perhaps a fly swatter just in case.


Simple Daily Challenge:  Take 5 and clean the seats and vacuum the car mats. Okay so this make to two sets of 5, but don’t you deserve a clean car?  Yes, mam you do!

Sorry about sending the post backward yesterday!  Tuesday was my Monday.

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  1. I’ve found so many strange things under the car floor mat. I admit that I often skip cleaning them. I’ll find some time this weekend to do that 🙂

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