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Momma Olympics – Heart and Home Edition – The Kitchen

Momma Olympics – Heart and Home Edition –

The Kitchen – Oven

Week Two

We are kicking off our second week of the Momma Olympics Heart and Home Edition – This week we are in the kitchen!

Here are the game rules:  Simply grab a pad and paper and add up the points your earn for each of the items listed below.  You get points for general housework as well as points for Simple Daily Challenges that will be posted throughout Momma-Olympics and our focus for this event is Heart and Home with a dash of Back To School.  You can share you tallied up points at the end of the day in comments or on Facebook

How many points can you earn each day during the Momma Olympics?  As many as your heart desires and time allows!

  • Make a bed. =10 points
  • Clean bathroom sink, quick clean-up of the toilet bowl and wipe bathroom countertop. = 25 points.Momma Olympics Summer 2014-001
  • Load of Dishes =  25 points
  • Load of Laundry =   25 points
  • Vacuum, sweep, or mop a floor. =   25 points
  • Take out Trash =  5 points per bag or can.
  • Plan and make breakfast or lunch. = 10 points
  • Plan and Make dinner one night.=   25 points
  • Clutter Donate or  Toss it Away! = 1 point per item flung or donated. <<<<<—— MY FAVORITE
  • Clean kitchen sink and wipe down counters =  25 points
  • Home Office Management = 100 points for 15 minutes (finances, meal planning and scheduling)
  • Healthy You – 25 points for daily exercise or movement and 25 points for daily meal tracking.
  • Simple Daily Challenges = Up to three per day  for 100 points each.

These challenges can be tallied up daily and then a complete tally at the end of the Mom Olympic Challenge

Wash Your Hands - Maya Angelou

Simple Daily Challenge – The Oven

The oven can get super nasty really quick, especially with teens or other impatient folks cooking who have not learned the concept clean as you go.
Case in point: Someone dropped a good portion of pepperoni pizza in our oven recently . Do you realize how hard it is to clean off a slice of pizza that has been baking in the oven face down for a half an hour or more?
The challenge for the day is to clean the oven inside and out.  Use the cleaner of your choice or try this natural way.
100 Olympic points for this challenge.
Add these points to your daily points!
Have a rocking day!

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