40 Day Clutter Challenge – Kissing – Reader’s Choice

Toddler giving mommy a kiss.

Welcome to Day 16 of the  40 Day Clutter Challenge –  It is Readers Choice day but first lets talk about kissing. I don’t mean we are going to talk about sexy stuff, this blog is a mom-blog and I am an old-fashioned gal so we will most likely never talk about um….. private matters.

I am talking about kissing the ones you love out of affection,  greeting or just to extend the heart-felt emotions of a hug.

I remember the first time my oldest son gave anyone a kiss. He had been playing on the kitchen floor and somehow managed to get stuck under his high chair.  We were watching him pretty closely and saw the event unfold one step at a time. Chris was trying to sit-up under the low legs of the high-chair. When he discovered that he could not he tried crawling out with no success.  For a few moments he fussed and then he let out the saddest set of tears you ever did see.  Mom and I went and picked up the high chair and Chris immediately started passing out kisses to everyone in the room. He was very young, just crawling so he had never kissed anyone, just received kisses from his family.  It was truly the cutest thing in the world, he was showing such love and gratitude to us, because we saved him from the EVIL high chair.

That is when I knew kissing was a natural extension of love.  I mean, I probably knew it before but to see a little one express such heartfelt love for his family with a kiss was a turning point in my early mommy years.

[bctt tweet=”Some are kissing mothers and some are scolding mothers, but it is love just the same, and most mothers kiss and scold together. Pearl S. Buck”]

QUESTION: Do you remember the first time you kissed your little ones?  Was it the first time you meant them at birth? at adoption?   These are good memories to write down someplace just in case you need to refresh your thinking.

READER'S CHOICE - Clutter Challenge 40 Day 12 items each day

CHALLENGE FOR TODAY – Reader’s Choice – You pick the area and remember our goal is to tidy and organize 20 minutes per day and get rid of 12 items of clutter.

TOMORROW- Is our day off. See you bright and early Monday!

Have a beautiful day.


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  1. We are a very kissy.kissy family around here, and I proudly admit it is my fault. I find it such an easy way to show affection, kindness, care… stuff we all need. My boy is about to turn 4 and since the first time I kissed him, right after they laid him on my chest after being born, I’ve shown him daily how much he means to me with kisses. And since he learnt to do it, he’s been paying me in kind, which I absolutely love! Affection is a way to strengthen bonds like hardly any other, I believe.

    1. I love that. kissy, kissy. And you are so right about affection strengthening bonds and this really needs to happen because when they hit their tween and teen years they need to know that it is okay to get a hug when they don’t even have a clue why they are upset.


      1. So true! Even now, when he gets upset or mad, I ask him “Do you want a hug?”, even if he is mad at me. 99% of the time he says yes and calms down in my arms. It’s one of my most precious parenting tricks, and I hope it keeps working as he gets old!


  2. I remember our son’s birth 25 years ago vividly. He was born by C-section and my wife was out so his first parent touch was me. he was crying and squinting his eyes and when I hugged him to me and held him close and leaned in to kiss him he settled down. My hand and face were shielding his eyes and he leaned right into me. Our first of many kisses.
    Dads need to kiss their sons too.

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