40 Day Clutter Challenge Family Fun Nights

Time With Family is Worth Every Second]

Welcome to the 40 Day Clutter Challenge, we are on day 12. Our goal is to tidy and organize every day for 40 days and declutter from our homes at least 12 items per day.

Today we are working in the family rooms, especially on media items.  These can really collect and sometimes we simply run out of space. Space is precious in a family home. Each month we pay our rent or house note we are paying for space!



Time with family is worth every second.

This rings true in so many ways. But it also rings true on a fun-filled family night of homemade pizza, crisp colorful veggie trays and a movie with freshly popped popcorn and ice-cold fruit water or a yummy whipped creamed filled hot cocoa.  Family movie nights are inexpensive ways to bond with each other and enjoy a fun movie or two or even embark and a video gaming night or one filled with the zany sounds of a family karaoke night.

The biggest time waster of the family at home fun nights is not being able to find the right movie, gaming piece or the room is such a mess that you have to plan a family clean-up night before you can have your family gaming night.

So let’s begin!

CHALLENGE – Tidy and Organize the family room for 20 minutes.  Discard trash and find 12  items that you no longer need, love or are broken beyond repair.  Donate, give-away or throw away those 12 items.


40 Day Clutter Challenge - Family Fun Nights | Clearing clutter and organzing the family room makes more time for enjoying family fun nights! INSPIRATIONA peaceful family room. 


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