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Back to School- Organize A Reading Corner

You must have an organized reading corner for your kids!  It is a huge benefit to having fun reaing experiences!

Back to School- Organize A  Reading Corner

One of my favorite times of the day is reading with my son on a comfy couch at the end of the day after he has bathed, brushed his teeth and is cozy in his favorite pajamas.  All the worries of sports, music practice and homework are put on a back-burner or finished for the day and we just relax and enjoy a good book. These are precious times and I would not trade them for the world. Our cozy spot is sacred and must not have clutter or distractions so that we can enjoy our books and it really seems to be working out because he loves books almost as much as Star Wars.

my son's hobby.

Pictured above is my son on one of the luckiest days of his life. Light saber class at Disneyland.  They have no idea how happy they made a kid who is a bit nerdy and a Star Wars walking encyclopedia. 

Back to our mini-mission of the day.

The Reading Corner – Can Be Anywhere!

1. Couch

2. Large Over-stuffed Chair

3. Bean Bag Chairs in your child’s room or play area.

4. A bench outside.

5. At the kitchen table with a special reading time candle lit or mug of milk or herbal tea to sip on during reading time.

Or all of the above!

Let’s Get Started: 6 easy steps

1. Take a picture if you already have a reading corner, area or designated reading spot. ( totally optional, but can be fun.)

2. Grab your trash bag and your clutter box.

3. Get rid of any trash and then put items that do not belong on the chair, sofa, bean bag or bench in your clutter box.

4. Put all the clutter box items away.

5. Throw out the trash.

6. Now take a look at the cleared out spot and decide how you can make it even more cozy and see what you have on hand in the house to do so.  But honestly, a cleared out comfy reading spot, with a light and a few good books is all you need.

7. Take you after picture and have a nice crisp glass of cold water or a cup of good tea. You are finished.

This is our seventh day or our Back to School Organize to Optimize for areas in our home, the bedroom, book area, study are and reading areas.  Our next few days will be in the kitchen to get the drawers and cupboards ready for lunches and easy family dinners.

Enjoy your day!




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  1. My daughter and I used to have bedtime story time cuddled in her bed. We are both avid readers. You are right it is one of those special moments!

    I read in my living room now in my comfty chair near a window or in bed before I turn off the lights!

  2. One of my favorite times is reading with our son too…
    Great tips. I love the photo of the lightsaber class – that would be a dream come true for our guy too!

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