Five Best Bargain Kitchen Tools

Check out these great kitchen gadget and utensil bargains.

Five Best Bargain Kitchen Tools

Hi friends!  Today I am going to share my five of my favorite bargain kitchen tools. With so many high-end kitchen tools and so many new gadgets coming out each season when I find a treasure I consider myself a lucky gal.  I mean I have spent tons of money on spatulas and chef knives but when I find the best and it comes with a bargain price tag I do a happy Irish jig and thank my lucky stars.

I am going to share my top five finds of the year. One of these finds is a old-fashioned standard that I had strayed away from to get the new fancy stuff in stainless steel, but I have returned to my roots.  I am talking about a cast iron skillet, and boy do I love it.

Here are  my top five best bargain kitchen tools!  

These reach a criteria of a bargain price coupled with pretty darn good quality.

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  Black and Decker 8 Cup Food Processor


This  Black -Decker 8 cup Food Processor is under 30 bucks and works like a charm. I originally purchased this kitchen gadget to make humus and  salads while visiting my in-laws this summer.  I made enough for a crowd and the humus was smooth and yummy while the slaw was shredded beautifully and most importantly quickly!  With little nephews running around the house food prep at hyper speeds in the morning was a real gift.


This is my favorite chef knife, especially on days I am doing tons of veggie prep for salads.

 Non-stick Sushi Chef’s Knife

This Chef Knife is labeled sushi but it works on everything. I have a knife drawer full of high-end knives but this is the one I grab for large food prep sessions every single time. I have gifted one to my son and mom and I keep one in my travel gear with a good pairing knife to make great healthy meals  on the go.  I just love it. I purchased a  knife cover for travel to keep the blade covered and use this  small knife sharpening kit for travel.

Bernes Slotted Spatula


This is the spatula I used in cooking school. It has a high temperature tolerance and is stackable in my utensil drawer so I can have several to keep handy for food prep. Keeping at least three in my kitchen drawer allows me the freedom to grab a clean one to prevent cross-over food contamination.   I was happy to find this tool on Amazon as my cooking school closed this summer because the owner retired. I was super bummed, all the greats had taught classes there including Julia Childs. I was lucky to be able to study at such a wonderful place.

Insta Read Thermomter


Insta-Read digital thermometers are a must in my kitchen. This is another tool that is used every single day at my house ( well minus Dining Out nights).  I love the chipotle red color but it comes in several shades. This makes a great gift for the budding chef or newly wed. I just gave my son one as a surprise gift and plan on ordering a couple more for my gift drawer in preparation for the Christmas holiday.


Lodge Pre-seasonsed skillet 10.35

Lodge  Pre-Seasoned Cast-Iron Skillet, 10.25-inch

If there is one tool in my kitchen essentials that brings me joy along with a hug of nostalgia it is my cast iron skillet.  I tried my hand at stainless steel after I let go of most of my non-stick pans and really disliked the clean-up, especially with budding teen cooks in the house.  However the Lodge Pre-seasoned skillet is fantastic!  And it is so attractive with a fresh batch of cornbread  on the table sitting along-side  a heaping bowl of chili steaming and  garnished with fresh aged shredded cheddar and chopped Vidalia onions.  There is nothing that says home cooking like a Lodge Cast-Iron Skillet.

So that is a  wrap folks. These are my five favorite bargain  kitchen tools  all under 30 bucks  and a couple under 10.  They work great and make fantastic gifts  for birthdays, weddings and holidays .

Have a beautiful day. Pamela at Mommcan

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  1. I have been looking for a good knife, definitely going to have to check into getting one of these!! I hate getting out a knife and it won’t even cut into a tomato 🙁 thanks for sharing!!!

  2. Pam, I had no idea you went to cooking school! How fun it is to learn something new about friends…and in this case someone who co-hosts with me on TaDa! Thursdays each week.

    I love the info on the knife because it is true, so often I have looked for the best so called quality just to find that they aren’t so good.

    Last, I need a black cast iron. I got rid of mine years ago because I have glass top stoves in my home and you can’t use them on it. But in the last few months I realized I can use them in the oven! I love cornbread from a cast iron.

    A great 5 favorites!

    1. I adore my cast iron. My mom has the glass top as well. I am like a babe in the woods when I am there trying to cook. I am always afraid I will break it or forget it is on.

  3. These look like awesome kitchen tools. We all need these important pieces in our kitchens. Thanks for sharing at Together on Tuesdays 🙂

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