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Back to School- Organize Books

Loving these challenges to help our family get ready for Back to School. Today the challenge in organizing books.

Books Are Precious – Back to School Organize Books

Books are precious to me, especially the favorites that I have shared with my children.  Dr. Seuss, Little House on the Prairie, The Hardy Boys, Disney favorites and all kinds of super hero themes, each one brings me joy, tears and beautiful memories.  Books are like a time line of each of my children’s lives, they reflect their interest and their ages and stages, much like a well-loved scrapbook .( You may call it a digital photo book, I am old-fashioned I reckon)

At any rate, decluttering books can be like pulling teeth or yanking a thorn out of your big toe, really painful. And I am the worse about hoarding books and actually have a group of ladies I hang out with once a month where this discussion ( the letting go of books and other clutter) can become quite animated.

So today as we organize and declutter our children books, let’s be kind to ourselves. It is okay to hang onto books if we have the space to house them or store them.  Seriously, these are treasures if we keep the ones we really, really love.  I am probably the only organizing blogger in the world that would tell you to KEEP  something.  But I am also a bookworm and am a proud one at that.

Organize to Optimize Your Child’s School Year

Let’s  Get Started.

Today our focus is the book area where our children’s books are housed.  If you all use the same bookcase or table, etc then organize the entire area.

1. Take a before photo to boost your motivation. ( totally optional, but fun)

2. Take each book, give it a dusting and then make a decision.

Keep- if it is still age and reading level appropriate, an all-time favorite and is so very dear to your hearts.

Donate- If none of the above are true and it is still in good condition.

Trash- If it is too damaged to be a good donation.

3. Dust the empty shelves and then add the books back in a neat order. If you have several books then organize them by theme,- fiction, non-fiction, reference… etc.

4. Take an after photo.

5. Take your trash to the trash and the donation to your car or a designated donation zone in your home.

Now go and enjoy this wonderful day!  Maybe a trip to the library or local book store is in order after this extravaganza!


Have a beautiful day. Pamela at Mommcan

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