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31 Day Clutter Crusade – Day 15 – Bed Linens

bedroom furniture
The most luxurious item is a beautiful bed and beautiful, simple sheets.

Andre Leon Talley

31 Day Clutter Crusade- Day 15- Bed Linens

I love the smell of freshly laundered sheets when I tuck my son in for the night, he smiles up at me and asks for one more mommy hug before he closes his eyes. It is so endearing, I could cry right now. However, the second I leave, he sneaks his book light on and reads until his eyes burn and he has to give in and finally go to sleep in the comfort of his warm Star Wars bed sheets surrounded by Lego critters and a Light Saber or two for protection.

Star Wars Sheets
Lucas Films Star Wars “Collage” Sheet Set, Twin

Today we are decluttering our bed linens. Why? Because they are the very sheets that we tuck ourselves into each night and the sheets that hug our babies for us until we see them the next day.  Yet, they still can be clutter!  Let’s Begin.

If you only keep on set of sheets per bed, this will be the fastest challenge in the world.  Just check to see if it is time to start shopping for a new set if you have frays or wholes in the current sets. This way you will be aware that the need is there and will have time to shop for a great deal!

How to Declutter Bed Linens

If you are a collector: Take all your linens out to inspect them.

Keep It – If you use the linens and love them.
Donate It- If you have six set of sheets for your bed and can part with one or two to make room in your linen storage closet or drawer then please donate one or two. You donation will bless someone in need!
Toss It- If the sheets are torn beyond repair, there are holes or the elastic on the fitted sheet has passed its prime then toss it. ( you may be able to cut a few pieces to save for your rag bag, if you keep one)
*remember to get those donatons to your car so that than can be dropped off soon!

You are totally rocking this challenge!

Here is the 31 day Clutter Crusade Guide for the Month

You can right-click this photo and save it to your desk top or print it and share it with friends. Give Mommacan.com some love by tweeting you progress or sharing on Facebook with the hashtags #cluttercrusade or  #mommacan.com. I am mommacansing on Twitter.

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