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Back to School Boogie Child’s Bedroom Complete

organized child's room


The Back to School Boogie Mission for my son’s bedroom is complete.  Today I vacuumed, spot cleaned the carpet and dusted. Oddly enough once I zipped through the room one more time I ended up with another bag of donations.  This surprised me so I added to my project list a note to go through the room one more time in mid-August to find more hidden clutter.

I cannot wait for him to get home today from hanging out with his daddy to see his shiny room!

Here is a photo of the desk area with shelves.  After clutter- fixing the overwhelming amount of books the shelves are now more manageable and will  be easier for my son to tidy up quickly.  The blue boxes hold his Bakugan and Beyblade collections.

bench for child's shoes

This small area is where my son’s puts on his shoes in the morning.  I bought the cubes and baskets at Target and the size was perfect for a younger child to sit and practice tying their shoes.

The bench is handy because my son’s shoes are exactly where he puts them on everyday.

I would not put more than three pair  of shoes in each cube. This would defeat my goal of having my son able to tidy his room in 10 minutes. I  only keep two pair in each cube.
If I were doing this project for a girl’s room I would use a shoe rack. Girls do love their shoes you know.

boys closet organized

The closet. On the right you can see the  Days of the Week organizer.  I purchased mine through Amazon.  But you can use the sweater shelves that you find in local stores like Target and Walmart. We used the sweater shelves for a year before moving to the days of the week. I needed the pockets on the side to hold my son’s martial art’s belt. However, I am not sure where the darn belt is right now.  When I took this photo it was not in the slot. *sigh*

On the left you can see his dirty clothes hamper.  I thought it was a cute idea at the time but truthfully popup hampers are not sturdy enough for little boy to romp around the room with while play various games like roll the log and kick the can.  Usually this thing is emptied out on the floor the hamper is otherwise occupied.  I would say it spends around 5 percent of the time with actual clothes inside it.  But I just love the basket ball hoop and so I am keeping it until I find something more promising and sturdier.
toy storage for boys room

Before I boogied this room my son had a small covered box at the end of his bed with all his little Transformers, miscellaneous trains and doodads.  The lid was usually on the floor someplace and the toys were usually scattered here and there. ( Legos being the most annoying)  I added the drawer storage in the closet for these items excluding the legos.  Those are going into special boxes on the highest shelf I can find and will be taken down to play with as needed.  Notice the Angry Birds, they sat there during this little photo shoot.  They are now under my chair in my office. (win some, lose some)

In a nut shell this week,
I came, I saw, I conquered and I gave that room a major clutter fix.
Tune in next week for more Back to School Adventures.  This school year is going to rock!

Simple Daily Challenge for Today:  What project around the house do you almost have completed?  What actions can you take to get one step closer to finishing?  Spend 10 minutes working toward your project goal.  You will be amazed at what you can accomplish when you know where you are going and what you want to happen when you finally get there.

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  1. Wow! Everything looks so clean and organized. I wish i could get any part of my house to that state! You asked about how long to shake the ice cream at my blog. It took us about 15 minutes. I believe the directions say 15-20 minutes. Have fun if you do it!

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