Travel Packing Tip for Busy Moms

No matter how many lists I create for packing my suitcase and computer bags for travel I always forget at least one item. So, to keep my sanity for my next family or business trip I am creating my list while unpacking my suitcase  from my last trip.  If you have ever forgotten an item or items during your travels and had to make a special trip to the drug store or local Best Buy then this tip may help you as well.

As I unpack my bag I am writing down each item on an index card.  I labeled the card with summer vacation more than 1 week.  This means there are enough items in the suitcase and computer bag to last me one week or more.  If I over -packed or under-packed I will write this down on the card and adjust the clothing or other items accordingly. The item(s) that were forgotten are now added to the list so hopefully this will save me from have to make a special trip the next time.

This past trip I forgot eye makeup remover and eye glass cleansing cloth.  I really needed both.  They are now on the list. I will add this list to my computer and my Iphone.  But really the index card is plenty.  I am keeping the index card tucked into the front of my suite case and at the moment feeling like the most clever mommy in the world.

What is you favorite packing tip?



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  1. I like to pack only the necessities in order to not get bogged down with too many extras.
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  2. I try to pack only the essentials. If I have more than one bag for any trip, regardless of length, I’ve packed too much.

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