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Boy’s Bathrooms are Nasty – Quick Clean-up and a Simple Lesson


If there is one area in my house that I can always count on to be icky it is my boys’ bathroom.

Does this sound familiar?

  1. Toothpaste crud in and around the sink.
  2. Clothes on the floor.
  3. Empty shampoo bottles scattered in the bathtub.
  4. Damp towels hanging from the shower door.
  5. Trashcan over flowing with water bottles, coke cans and whatnots.

Simple Daily Challenge for the day.

Tidy up your child’s bathroom with his or her help.

Show them where to put dirty clothes and towels.

Have them throw away the empty bottles.

Have them take out the trash.

Show them how to wipe down the sink after they finish brushing their teeth in the morning.

The last one will be added to my youngest son’s responsibility chart until it becomes a habit as well as hanging up his towel.

This will only work if I am at home and I can follow through in his morning and evening routine.   He should know better than to leave his clothes on the floor and I will address this as well.


Peace and popcorn,




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  1. That sounds like my older boys’ bathroom upstairs. I have never seen a bathroom trash can fill up faster. And their towels like to air dry on the floor. They have weekly chores on a chart that includes cleaning the bathroom, but I think they may need a chart like I made for my 7yo. He is responsible for daily bathroom maintenance and his chart is posted on the wall. It includes pictures to remind him of each step.
    You’re right, BTW, raising boys is not for the weak. Thanks for visiting my blog! I’m following you now.

  2. I too feel it is important to teach boys to clean up after themselves.. my 2 boys have been taught to put their dirty clothes in the hamper.. maybe should teach them to wipe down the sink after use too.

  3. Kids n pets, found at wal-mart, is needed for every boy’s bathroom. I recommend putting it in a spray bottle.

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