100 Club It Is All About Love

Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day. So why not have a tidy house for our family to enjoy on this very special day.

Love, love, love every single second of our 100 pick-up today because we are blessed to have family and blessed that they are able to make a mess. Yes, we can bless a mess.

  1. Legos, as much as I can’t stand picking them up they are helping my son learn to build and dream.
  2. Soda cans, because the sound of the a can of pop opening brings back many memories of my husband and his love and addiction to Diet Coke.
  3. Hair products, because my oldest son has always been a good-looking young man and by golly it takes hair care products to get that way.

Question: Which mess makes you feel blessed?

Simple Daily Challenge: Pick- up and put -away 100 items and smile momma!  Why? Because you rock!

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  1. Pam!! I love this post! I now look at mess differently – although I still dislike it 🙂 The bit about your son is FUNNY! I’m still giggling here.

    I’m thankful that I have time to do simple things with the kiddo like making cheese heart sandwiches and choco bunny sandwiches. We (or should I say the kiddo) made quite a mess but it was worth it. We had so much fun together.

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