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Do you suffer from  TMP- Syndrome (Too-Many-Piles Syndrome)? Is life moving so quickly that you can’t keep up with the piles? Than this week at mommacan.com will be a very big help for you.  Miles and miles of Piles and piles will start to disappear with a few magic minutes and some good old grit and grinning.   Each day we will tackle a new area or item that tends to pile up.

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Day One – Clothing
Day Two  – Kitchen
Day Three – Desk or Workstation

floor clutter

Today we are tackling the floor piles. This could be a simple day or a complex day depending on how many piles are through the house.  The key is to be kind to yourself and just do what you can. To make this less painful for our readers and busy moms who may have lots and lots of floor piles we are going to break it down into steps.

  • Step One: Choose the smallest pile and pick up and put away all items. ( Instant gratification.) Make sure to read th HOW TO at the bottom of this post.
  • Step Two:  Walk through the house and pick the top five piles that are really ,really bothering you.
  • Step Three:  Turn on some music or whistle your favorite jingle and set a timer for 3 minutes.  Tackle the first pile on your list by picking up and putting away as many items as you can in THREE simple minutes. (You will see a difference)
  • Step Four: Set your timer again and finish up the pile, or keep chipping away at the same pile in THREE simple minutes.
  • Step Five: Set your timer for FIve Minutes and tackle the next pile.
  • Step Six: Take a water break and look at what you have accomplished.
  • Step Seven: Repeat steps One through Six until you are out of tidy time or have finished up your top five piles.

We are all winners in our crusades to clear up clutter piles. So even if you only have time for a little bit here and there, progress is progress.

How to tackle floor clutter piles:

  1. Grab a trash bag, clutter box and donation bag.
  2. Go to your clutter pile area and throw out the trash first.
  3. Then put items that belong in another room in the clutter box.
  4. Put away items that belong in that room in their designated place or in another box that states NEEDS A HOME.
  5. Donate items that are no longer useful to your family and have no lasting sentimental value. Make sure to place donation bag in a designated spot to take to the local shelter or Salvation Army drop off.

Have a rocking day!

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  1. I don’t make floor piles because of the simple fact that it is not easy for me to bend and pick up. YAY ME 🙂

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