Busiest Mom’s Clutter Challenge Introduction

I am going to keep this simple.

Busy moms have very little time.

This Clutter Challenge is written in 5 minutes bites, maybe 10, but not often.

I have already Clutter Busted more than 3 bags of trash and donations just from writing notes about the clutter challenge. This to me is very promising.

Clutter squeezes time out of every day of our lives. Busy moms need less clutter and more time. I need less clutter and more time.

Stuff you might need during this challenge:

Garbage bags

Empty boxes

Pen and Paper to write down things as we go. Things like brilliant decorating ideas, items that were broken that need to be replaced and random novel ideas because busy moms are also very creative.

A timer or some other device to let you know 5 minutes are up. This could also be 2 good songs on an MP3 player.

Now Let’s get Started. …..


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