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31 Day Clutter Crusade Day 7

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31 Day Clutter Crusade Day 7 – Towels

Today we are going to zip through the house and de-clutter towels. This is so simple that I am just thrilled! I will have time for a cup of coffee and maybe even a “gluten”free scone!  Heck I might go all out and gobble up a chocolate chip scone gluten and all I will finished so quickly.

Let’s Get To It:

How to Declutter Your Towels

1. Gather

Gather up your towels from all corners of the globe in your home and put them in a mountain pile, this includes hand towels, wash cloths, beach towels, and bath sheets.   Now you are ready to battle, essentially this is the crusade part of the mission.

2. Declutter

    • Keep it-  Keep only towels that you love, that are comfy and usable. 
    • Toss it – If it is beyond its course in its wonderful towel life, then it is time to let it go to the rag-bag or the trash.
    • Donate it- if it is just frayed and unhappy and you have lots and lots of fluffy towels to use then consider donating your surplus to the local animal shelter.

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3. Fold and Go –

Fold the remaining towels and place them back in their proper homes. I have always folded exactly how my momma taught me and you can do the same!  As long as they are folded in the same fashion and you know where you can find them, then they are as they need to be.

Hooray! Now it is time for that coffee and scone break!  Enjoy your day!

Here is the 31 day Clutter Crusade Guide for the Month

You can right-click this photo and save it to your desk top or print it and share it with friends. Give Mommacan.com some love by tweeting you progress or sharing on Facebook with the hashtags #cluttercrusade or  #mommacan.com. I am mommacansing on Twitter.

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