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The Busiest Moms in the World Clutter Challenge 2011 -Day 1

Day 1

Take two bags and moving as fast as you can zip through the house and throw away 50 items. This can be anything that is trash, unwanted, or junk you know trash clutter.


Empty Shampoo Bottles

Soda Cans (oops, make that three bags on for the recycle bin)
Random Candy Wrappers

Plastic bottles ( another one for the recycle bag if you still use the plastic “throw-aways”
Junk Mail
Old Magazines

Empty tissue boxes
Broken Toys

Rags that have taken their last stand.

Business Cards that you no longer need.

Moldy Bread and Moldy Fruit


The possibilities are limitless and you can be finished in 5-minutes depending on the amount of trash-clutter you actually have!


You may need to put on you running shoes for this one. I checked out my step counter when I completed this task at home and tallied up 2,325 steps!

Next, empty out all the trash cans in the house. Hopefully, the trash clutter will now end up in the trash bins and not scattered in the house. You may need to remind your family that trash goes in the bins and not on end tables and counter space. If you have older children at home have them empty the bins and perhaps help you gather the clutter trash. They may have a better chance of realizing trash goes in the bins and not randomly scattered through the house if they help.

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  1. It’s amazing what a difference this makes! I don’t do it nearly often enough.

  2. This couldn’t have come at a better time. Thanks for tweeting it!

  3. I needed for myself and thought I would share KP. lol

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