This Counter Was Made for Cooking and Not Your Tennis Shoes

Busiest Moms in the World Clutter Challenge Day 11 The KITCHEN COUNTERS.

We are rapping up our Kitchen Clutter Busting Today. However, if you still have a few things to go through then try to work in a 5 minute segment or two in the evening after the kitchen is tidy

We have gone through most every thing in the kitchen at this point. I am hoping you have a little bit more maneuvering room inside your drawers and cabinets now. I know I do, but I could use more. I am going to take advantage of this rainy day (yep, its raining in Southern California)  and peek and poke at a few more items that I might donate or store.

The one area or areas in your kitchen that can make you look organized or clutterized is the kitchen counters. Our kitchen counters are a big dumping zone. They are the first clear flat surface that my family approaches when they enter the front door. We do have an entry table with pictures and art but for some reason they never dump there stuff there they always by pass it and head straight for the kitchen counter. This counter is where the burners are which makes it a real pain when its time to start making dinner. In other words this bugs the boogers out of me.

I want neater counter tops and that is what we are going to  do this rainy afternoon.  Kitchen counters were made for pots and pans, not tennis shoes, sunblock, keys golf gloves and Beyblades.

Let’s Get Started:

Now that you have less clutter you may be able to store some of your counter clutter in cabinets.  Glance around the counters and try to figure out what is causing the clutter. Do you need to set up a landing zone for your family when they come in the door? Do you have one in place already but it does not seem to be doing its job? How can we fix this?

Not take the next 5 minutes and tidy and store items on your counter tops.  I would bet with you super mommy brain you will come up with awesome ideas on how to deal with you family and the kitchen counter clutter.


If you discover a really good one post it in comments or on Momma Can Facebook Page.

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  1. i randomly found your blog while searching for tennis shoes! I <3 it! I am sad that I missed the kitchen clean up, but I am subscribing, so I'll catch the next wave of Clutter Busting.

    1. That is so funny. Welcome, and I have at least one Tennis player in my house and one little one starting up. DH played in college and I played when I was younger. Great sport!

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