Busiest Moms in the World Clutter Challenge Let Me Entertain You

Busiest Moms in the World Clutter Challenge Let Me Entertain You

Okay gals and pals, we have trash dashed and picked up the family area. Now let’s get down to business.

We are going to clutter bust CD’s, DVD’s, VHS, Electronic games, and any other electronic media in all the family areas.

Some of you may just have a few, some may have hundreds. What can we load and put on an MP3 player? (don’t forget to back-up). If we load the music on our computers then we can either store those Music CD’s or toss them. (again, back-up everything!)

Or we may have a collection of DVD’s and video games that our children have out- grown. Donate these items because some little guy out there would probably love to have them and times are tough.

This may take a while if you have a bazillion items to go through.

Tip: Keep all these items together in one place. Decide on how you want them organized and make sure you tell your family that you are trying to keep this area neat.

Note on donating: Before you take it to your favorite donation spot think about friends, family, church members or anyone who may be having tough times right now.

When I was a single parent there was a Movie Viewing gap of at least 5 years and the truth was I was young and broke. I would have loved for someone to offer to lend or give me a movie for my young son and I to watch and enjoy every now and then.


Now let’s get to it!


Much love to all he rocking mommas out there doing there thing!

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