100 pick-up Family Areas and the Kitchen

Busiest Moms in the World Clutter Challenge

100 pick-up Family Areas and the Kitchen

Yesterday we did the 5 minute Trash Dash and to get ready for the family areas decluttering session today we are doing a 5 -10 minute PUPA session.  We are going to aim to Pick Up and Put Away 100 items.

How on earth can we get motivated to let go of clutter if we are surrounded by items that are not in their proper homes?

Lets Get Started: Set your timer or turn on your Ipod o MP3 player for 3 to 4 songs. Moving as quickly as you can put away your magic 100 items! SInce we have finished the kitchen and are starting on the family area lets try to focus mostly in these two areas! READY SET GO!

I will be posting the first 10 or so of my items in the comments section later today.

What a terrific start to the weekend!

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