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Busy Mom, Busy Life, Getting Real with Tidying -Up

Mommacan.com Messy To Tidy Kitchen 5 minutes

Today is our kick-off of Busy Mom. Busy Life. – Get real with tidying post.

Here is the before and after shots of my totally messy kitchen. I completed the tidy session in 15 minutes using 5 minute timer increments.  This proves that you can make a big impact in your home with 5 simple minute here and there throughout the day.

Messy Kitchen - mommacan.com

Here is the crazy embarrassing before shot. Yikes!  But honestly, my kitchen looks like this every time we have homework and dinner session, which is basically 4 or 5 days a week.


Here is the after.  A tidy kitchen that welcomes this crazy busy mom and invites her to sit down and have a cup of tea.

Simple Daily Challenge:  Tidy up your kitchen!  Then have a wonderful beverage of your choice that brings you joy.

Busy Mom Busy Life

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  1. Ok my kitchen looks like the before. can you share the HOW you did it part? Where did all the clutter GO? LOL I don’t know where to put it, so it stays out. Unless it already has a spot in one of the cabinets, it lives on the counter.

    1. Hi Juie,
      About every three months I go clutter busting crazy and try to eliminate anything that is not serving a purpose. I have learned that I am not happy in my kitchen space with too much stuff sitting around. I would love more counter space but this house cannot get bigger so the counters remain simile. (IMO)
      Once I get rid of stuff things simple start to fit. Just yesterday I donated a red steamer dish that came with our microwave. I was a bulky item that I had never used. I had more shelf space in a instant!

  2. Wow what an improvement! And what a gorgeous kitchen! I love when I clean a room and then just get to sit and relax in it. Such a great feeling.

  3. I finally posted my spring cleaning tips and came to visit you from the comment you left on my previous post. I didn’t want to read any cleaning advice before I published it. I am seriously laughing at your definition of messy!

  4. You did an amazing job! But I sincerely hope the other people who live with you also clean, and not just “help” you clean!

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