Marathon Monday

Busiest Moms in the World 100 club and the Closet

Its Monday! I love Mondays its kind of a free day. There are no after school activities, no mommy activities, and I have a little bit of free time to do a tiny bit more of my Texas-Size To Do List.

So here I sit writing and hoping everyone is warm and and ready to get down do some serious clutter-busting.

Let’s Get Started:

100 club pick-up. Our own little Marathon Monday!

Get out your trash bag and a basket our box and turn on some fun, upbeat music. Start picking up the weekend mess and see if you can get to 100 before three tunes are finished. If you don’t make it so what, when the tunes are finished take a look at what you accomplished. Wow, three little songs and less mess.

Now take a break and when you have 5-10 minutes you can squeeze out of your busy mom day go back to the bedroom closet with your trash bag and donation box.

Anything that we did not cover last week are the miscellaneous items that are probably taking up way too much space in our closets. Go through these items and decide if they belong in your closet or some other place in your home. Ask yourself if you really need these items and if they are usable enough to be donated. This is your closet and perhaps you husband’s as well. Make it a place you want to visit and enjoy. Hang a picture of your wedding day or your children if you have some wall space. Dazzle it with some altered storage boxes or pretty colored boxes.

Honesty Moment: Every time we go out of town I am usually overwhelmed. So, I go to the the local Super Store and buy those tiny bottles of of this and that and then I buy a few extras for next time. I now am the proud owner of way too many mini shampoos, conditioners, lotions and toothpaste tubes. I would say I keep these items in a nice tidy drawer in my closet but that is not the case. I have a collection of plastic shopping bags filled with these toiletry items and it is really the major culprit of the clutter looking design of my closet. To ease my momma conscious I am donating my extras to the local homeless shelter.

Happy Monday!

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