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I am ready to post a few more real-life examples of my personal battle against clutter in my day to day life.  I am in the midst of prepping for a Retro Shower for my future daughter in law.  My dining room looks like a china and glass shop and my office looks like Typhoon Frankie came for a visit.

Surf Kid

Meet Typhoon Frankie!!!!

Here is my biggest mess, that bugs me the most…. the Dining Room Danger Zone.

Here are my results after 10 honest, child interrupted minutes. ( Today it was the glorious interruption of how do I play the tonette?)  Not only is he disruptive, but he is asking tons of questions!


MessyParty Dining Room Before

Here is photo one.  To many of you this may not seem like a super big mess, but I actually needs to work on tablescape ideas for my future son’s wife Retro Bridal Shower and if the table is crammed then I cannot work on anything at all.   Our Busy Mom, Busy Life Messy House series is based on what we can accomplish in 10 Child interrupted Infused Minutes.

messy dining room party 5 minutes

Here is just 5 minutes of progress. Notice the wooden crates, these will be used on tables outside to house wine and champagne glasses and display some of our game prizes.  They are being mult-purposed as organizers. One is holding paper products and several others are holding things I need to design or craft.  I must tell you that tiny bit of organization is going to save me tons of time.

Messy Dining Room 10 minutes

Here is the last photo. And Yes, I know the table is not clear offed completely but at least I have made a major dent in the chaos.

When we signed on to be moms, we did not sign a binding contract for our home to be Television Land/June Cleaver perfect all the time.  We sign on to be loving, nurturing, caring moms.. doing our best to be our best and encouraging our children to do the same.

Do you have a messy – to almost  tidy before and after photo to share?  If so create a post or just send the photos so that we can feature them here on Mommacan.com

email: momma@mommacan.com.  Or post them on our Facebook Page! https:  //www.facebook.com/mommacan

No go! Have an imperfect, honest, hard-working momma day!




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