Green Olives, Capers and Dijon – Deviled Eggs Gone Yum


A little update on my quest for the best Deviled Eggs to add to our Retro Bridal Shower/Brunch

This recipe is from Kalyn’s Kitchen and was absolutely yummy.  Sadly the recipe called for yogurt, but I am on a no-milk plan so kept with a paleo- friendly mayo. It worked out fine without the yogurt.


Kalyn’s recipe was super easy to follow and the wonderful texture of the succulent salty snappy bite of the green olives couple with the elegant taste of the capers made for a very darn good deviled egg.


I am pretty sure these are going to be plated for our brunch because that are so full of  yummy sort of briny flavor and that is excatly what I am looking for to contrast with the traditional Southern Style Deviled Eggs.  

Here is the link to Kalyn’s  Caper and Olive  Deviled Egg Post!  Click here for recipe over at Kalyn’s Kitchen.


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Do you have a deviled egg post to add to my growing list of Deviled Egg Recipes to try?  If so, write a comment or send the link to  I would love to hear from you!

More updates coming soon!

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