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Dining Room Booster for Busy Moms- Inspire, Deocrate,Clean

Today in our Home Boosters Series we are hanging out in the dining room or for many of us the kitchen table.

I enjoyed the picture above because it not only serves as a dining area but a library as well.  

 This dining room  is bright and warm with a wonderful window. I love the mix and match of the chairs using white paint and textured end chairs.

This is my favorite room in the pictures.

I love windows with views of foliage as my dining room has a CLOSE-UP view of our neighbors house.

I enjoy the display shelves available in this room.

This would be a dream room for me if there was a wall of cabinets some place on the other side.
Simple Daily Challenge: Grab your favorite cleaner(s) for your dining area or room and shine all the furniture. Get rid of all that dust and then arrange a few flowers on to the table if you are in the mood. Its your day mommas, make it shine!

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