Do You Believe In Magic? Mornings That Is, With Smiles and Freshly Squeezed Orange Juice

Do you believe in magical mornings?

We are revisiting the Magical Mornings for the next few Saturdays.  Two years ago I wrote these posts and really reap the benefits.  Well, many of you may have a young child between 4-7 but now my little guy is getting older and currently chooses his own clothes in the morning so things have changed but many things have remained the same.  We still have clean clothes for the week but now we organize them by category.


Read the post and see what fits for you family, it will probably be a mix just like we are doing now.  But when he was little, that seven day planner helped like crazy!

Magical Mornings – A Little Boy’s Closet Organized


Putting these things into actions will be so wonderful and Happy Days will soon be here again!


I believe in magic….

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