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Fighing Clutter Crime Like The Lone Ranger and Tonto

I love a quiet Monday morning.  A day when you wake up and hear the birds chirping and the distant sound of the neighbors old fashioned coffee percolator making that churgling slurping noise. That is the kind of morning I am having.  I am enjoying my last bit of K-cup bliss with coconut milk and hope to have a nice home-cooked meal with my little guy and hubby this evening.  But enough of this chatter!  Today is Monday and we are fighting clutter crime like the Lone Ranger and Tonto fight for justice.


Simple Daily Challenge: Set your timer for 10 minutes or less, your choice. Pick the most cluttered room in the house, mine is the living area. Pick up and put away 100 items and yes you can count Legos and Barbie shoes.

When you are finished do a happy mommy dance and reflect on how awesome your are, then do something a bit fun. You totally deserve a tidy home and you totally deserve a bit of fun. We are all winners in the 100-club pick-up

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