How to Find Your Momma Groove – Sick Days


Busy moms can spin many plates and juggle several balls and usually at the end of the week are feeling pretty good about all their checked off T0 DO’s and their accomplishments.


But what if you had the flu all week?  What if you took care of an ill parent or child all week?   How on earth can a mom catch up on all the house work, laundry, bill paying, and the six million other things we do.

Well, I am in that particularly category right now, this minute.  And here is my plan of attack for this Friday to catch up on life and make it to a birthday party  after school.


  1. Work for an hour.
  2. Back to my daily exercise promise.
  3. Shower up and ready for battle.
  4. Tidy each room for 5 minutes.
  5. Pay Bills
  6. Clear Desk
  7. Project Plan-


All of these are important but the two that will make me fell the best are exercise, pay bills, and project plan.  They will make me feel as if my chaotic life will actually calm down in a few days as long as  I stay on top of my project planning and know exactly what I need to do next.

What do you do when you are under the weather or acting as a caregiver and need to get caught up on everything?  

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