Dream, Plan, Do – Creating Steps to Achieve Our Goals

Welcome to part three of our Dream, Plan, Do Series.  Our first installment in the series encourages you to write down your goals, dreams, and wishes. The second part of the series you were asked to choose five important and most wanted goals. This week you will be Creating Steps to Achieve Our Goals.  If you missed the first two parts of this series, you could find it here.

Part One: Dream, Plan, Do -Turning Our Dreams into Plans

Part Two: Dream, Plan, Do  – Turning Our Dreams Into Goals

Dream, Plan,Do - Creating Steps To Crush Your Goals

Creating Steps to Achieve Our Goals

Often we read a motivating article or a  500-page book on achieving out goals and get motivated and work hard for a week then putter out. Why do we stop pursuing things that are important us? Why do we quit trying to lose that 10 pounds, pay off debt, or get that dream job?

(P.S. I am not criticizing books on achieving goals, I love them, lol)

Well, if we are repeating the same habits that cause use to fail at our goals, then chances are we need to change what is causing us to stop and replace it with something that will help us to move forward.

STEP ONE – Stop doing things that cause us to lose our motivation to reach our goals.

Example: If driving by the bagel shop on the way to is breaking your diet mojo, then take another route. Instead, try listening to an audiobook or some music and sip water infused with lemon and make sure to eat a healthy breakfast that follows your plan.

I find my hiccups are when I do not stay hydrated. So I have made it practice to keep a water bottle in my bag at all times and one on my desk.

STEP TWO – Create short-term goals or steps that will help you reach your bigger goals and beautiful dreams!

I love that old saying,

How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time.

This is precisely how we can reach our goals, one bit, one step, one hop, and a skip and well you get the picture.

Example: Creating a habit of keeping track of food we eat to lose weight is a tremendous help in achieving that goal.  However, when you are super busy, like most moms, that seems crazy impossible. Well, let’s eat that elephant.

Start with just writing your breakfast every day for a week,  then add lunch the following week, then add dinner and snacks that last week.  Keep this habit up for 30 days, and I would bet that you are very aware of what you are eating and will learn to adjust that food intake to a level that will help you reach your goal.

STEP THREE – Keep your eye on the target.

Remember a target is a goal to be achieved; it is also something we aim for which means that we might not hit the bullseye on the first shot, but are making progress because we are focussing on the target.

Keep your big goals pinned up in a place where you will see them every single day. Make sure they are very specific and state exactly what you want or need to accomplish.

Example: I want to loose one pants size by March 17, 2017, or I want to run my first 5k on April 12, 2017.
Assignment: Sit down with your goals and write down the next few steps you need to help you reach those goals.  Create a series of smaller goals that will help your reach the larger targets you have decided to work toward. Make sure to review these targets every single week and write down your desired outcome and place it in a spot where you will see it at the start of every day.

Now make those dreams come true.  It is true that most folks end up quitting so much of the time. But with the write tools like concrete goals, creating steps to achieve these aims, changing bad habits to awesome habits you can totally crush your goals this year.
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