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When Dust Bunnies Turn into Dust Monkey Trolls

Dust Bunnies are the cute little fuzzies you find lurking in corners and near-forgotten end tables.

Dust Monkey Trolls are evil little creatures that lurk under beds, behind trash cans, and on top of refrigerators and high shelves.

Dust Monkey Trolls are lethal, moving, hairy, jumping critters that make mommas feel overwhelmed and vulnerable.

They are the reason folks spend countless bucks on colorful feather dusters, lemon-fresh spray cleaners, and extra thick rubber gloves.

When I woke up this morning I unexpectedly ran across an unusually large Dust Monkey Troll underneath my desk and it scared me silly.  I like to go barefooting in the morning, and I stepped on the nasty thing.

It was hairy, sticky and had one goldfish cracker in his jowls.  Super icky freaky disgusting, I swear it winked at me!


I immediately went to the shower and washed my foot!

Then grabbed my microfiber cloth and a bottle of wood safe floor cleaner and killed the Dust Monkey Troll dead.  I am not normally so violent, but I stepped on the thing, and my mood was not the best.  Would I have scooped him up and gently tossed him outside?  Probably not because Dust Bunny Trolls are made of dust, spilled random juices, bits, and pieces of stray hair and crumbs from traveling little boys.

Goodbye little dust troll,


Simple Daily Challenge for the Day: Grab your dust, rags, and cleaners and spend 5 minutes hunting and getting rid of your Dust Monkey Trolls or if you are lucky just a few cute little Dust Bunnies.Grab your tools and let's fight dust in a humours way today busy moms!

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  1. Pam,

    Thanks for the blog shout out! I love yours! And I definitely have trolls I must conquer at my house! Great post! And I will definitely be following you and doing some daily challenges! Take care and hope to chat again soon!


  2. Thanks for following…I am following back…I hate dust…it’s always everywhere…no matter how much I try…it stinks….it is a daily fight…but necessary…have a good rest of the week…

  3. I have dust bunnies. I often say its time to tackle them because they are getting so big and mean they have teeth. I think they are closely related to Monkey Trolls, dust bunnies have a large outer coating of DOG HAIR. lol

    Glad I am not the only one.

  4. What a cute post for YuK! I would have run to the shower too! I’m allergic to the dust and have two dogs so it is a daily deal for me to dust the surfaces and the floors, but I love my doggies.

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