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See Stunning Blogger Designed Holiday Homes Tour

See Stunning Blogger Designed Holiday Homes Tour-16 Bloggers Design for ChirstmasSee Stunning Blogger Designed Holiday Homes Tour

Hi there, friends. Thanks for coming by and checking out our fabulous 2017 Holiday Home Tour. 16 of the finest design bloggers have gathered together to share glimpses into their homes decorated for the holidays. They are absolutely brilliant!  Here is the scoop. I am going to share my Advent and Christmas Decor in the dining and living room here at Mommacan.com Then you will be invited to see 15 more stunning blogger designed holiday homes on this wonderful tour. You are going to love this!   But first, let me take you on a wonderful Sparkly Christmas red adventure here at Momma’s house.See Stunning Blogger Designed Holiday Homes Tour

I fell in love with sparkly red at a very early age. My brother and I received shiny red bikes the Christmas my dad returned home from his second deployment to Korea. He wanted very much to teach us to ride bikes before his country called him away from home again.

I Heart Christmas Red

The bikes were a Christmas gift that I will never forget. My brother and I went in our PJ’s early Christmas morning and had the time of our lives riding up an down the street. My brother’s bike was decked out with 12 American flags and mine bedazzled with a straw basket. Both bikes were shiny as a new penny and as fast as lightning.

When Christmas comes it immediately shakes that memory out and dusts it off and I am able to relive that special moment of my childhood. I am a Christmas Red kind of gal and although you might see a dreamy white Christmas tree from me from time to time the main rooms will aways Sparkle Red.

See Stunning Blogger Designed Holiday Homes Tour -Red FirePlace

Pictured is our fireplace warming the room, with red and white yarn stockings hung waiting for Old St. Nick to fill up with goodies. The coffee latte colored couch sports a couple of fun pillows and you can see our tree in the front window. This is the best window for a Christmas tree, you can see the lights when you drive home at night, and it is such a welcome sight after crazy Los Angeles traffic.

See Stunning Blogger Designed Holiday Homes Tour - Framed Canvas Christmas Print for Wayfair

Especially dear to my Christmas heart this year is the (affiliate)  ‘The Approach To Christmas’ Painting Print on Stretched Canvas. Wayfair offers a floating frame but I wanted to go with plain canvas. When it arrived in the mail I placed it on the wall and it simply disappeared into our white walls.  I was not happy with it, the print is 4 feet wide and I really wanted it on that wall. I love the snow scene with the horses and holiday activity. So I did what all busy moms do, I googled a solution and found a blogger who knew my lazy DIY heart and lack of tools.  Find the post here.  I even took it to an easier DIY level and sawed the wood onsite at Home Depot and then wrangled my husband into fine-tuning the cuts at home. I stained it and did not even bother to let it dry completely in my excitement to see it on the wall. I just LOVE it!

Here is another photo of the framed canvas. This will bring so much joy over the years. A lovely Christmas print plus memories of creating with my husband.

Christmas Tray Vingette

The Christmas tray vignette was so much fun to create.  I love using red candles for special events and Christmas is the perfect excuse. ( Bargain alert) . The tray was purchased for under 24 bucks at Pier One. Find it here.( Not an Affiliate)

Poinsettias Tablescape - Stunning Blogger Design


I want to pop over to the dining room now and share my pretty blue pitcher. I was on the hunt at Homegoods, Pottery Barn, Pier 1 Imports, and local Thrift stores for a perfect patterned Christmas pitcher. I was not having any luck at all. Tired of basic white and wanted something with color to compliment my color Mexican-style Advent table runner.  Pushing my cart, moping, feeling a little defeated when I saw this sweet blue pitcher. I did the typical drive by, but my interest had been piqued.  I went around the corner and looked at an impressive stack of Rae Dunn but my mind was on that blue pitcher.  Then it happened, you know the Homegoods panic attack.

Homegoods Panic Attack

A Homegoods panic attack happens when you see the doodad knick knack of your dreams and you leave it sitting on the shelf. By the time you start longing to take it home and give it a name and call it your own, the panic hits. What if someone else put it in their basket. I mean yes, you saw it 62 seconds ago, but it could be gone. You whip your cart around and make haste to that shelf where your new favorite design delight is waiting.  You arrive and nearly weep with relief when your find ‘heart’s desire’ still sitting on the shelf, shiny and perfect. You have basically won the HomeGoods hunt and conquered the panic attack like any good shopper does, by claiming your prize.

Keeping Advent In Christmas

Keeping Advent in Christmas this year played a huge part in my Holiday Home Design for this blogger tour.  I have kept baby Jesus in his secret hiding spot, waiting for Christmas morn. I have Our Lady of Guadalupe out to share in the Advent preparations as part of my Latin heritage.

Keeping Advent In Christmas , Our Lady of Guadalupe

I have really enjoyed incorporating a little bit of Latin into the dining room along with adding whimsical touches of my Southern Roots as well as remembering my sweet brother Michael.

Stunning Red Cardinal Christmas Tree

Red Cardinal Christmas Tree

A simple Christmas tree filled with red cardinals in remembrance of Mikey. I don’t see many Red Cardinals here in Southern California but I saw them often growing up in Tenessee.  They are beautiful birds.



Lovely Advent Wreath using Tray and Cake Pedestal

The Advent wreath candles were used last year on a mirrored round tray. ( I just grabbed anything I could find in rose and purple. This year I added a layer using a metallic cake pedestal and some pine spray twisted to surround the pedestal. We are going to enjoy using this wreath throughout Advent.

The Advent Box - Created By MommaCan.com

I have never had any luck with Advent Calendars with my boys. One look at the chocolate treat calendar and bam! Every single day stripped open and enjoyed before you can say “Jingle Bells”.  This year I have created a means to complete the journey through Advent and I don’t have to worry about sugar crashes.  Each day, our son will find something special in this beautiful treasure box. It might be a handmade card wishing him a great day. It might be a small note asking him to help with the food pantry at Church or pulling up the elderly neighbors’ trash cans.  It will often have photos with handwritten memories inscribed and genuine letters.   I am welcoming a break from the frenzy of creating a ridiculous scene for that Elf.  He is happy just to sit in our Christmas Tree!


Elf retired from the shelf

I honestly enjoyed creating fun adventures for “Joe The Elf”, we will probably have him back for more next year.  However, this year I look forward to sharing a beautiful Advent and Christmas Journey with my family.

See Stunning Blogger Designed Holiday Homes Tour -Red FirePlace

I hope you have enjoyed taking a glimpse into this busy Blogging Mom’s home for the holidays. Please take the next step in the design Adventure and visit my friends in the “Holiday Homes Tour 2017”!   I what I like to call the  Stunning Blogger Designed Holiday Homes Tour!


Stunning Blogger Designed Holiday Homes Tour

Stunning Blogger Designed Holiday Homes Tour


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  1. I love your holiday decor Pam!!! I too am a fan of sparkly red for Christmas, it doe invoke childhood memories. I actually laughed out loud at your Home Goods Panic story, I have done the exact same thing. It is funny how we are very similar when it comes to those kind of things. I always say to myself, if it was meant to mine it will still be there, and if not not wasn’t meant to mine, but I still whip the cart around and make heist to get back to it once my mind is made up!

  2. Hahaha I know the Home Goods Panic Attack ALLLL to well! So glad you were able to snag it! This is so cozy and inviting and exactly how the holidays should feel, well done lady!

  3. Your sparky red decor is beautiful!! I just love that tree and what a grand sight it must be when you arrive home and see it in those windows!! Your frame turned out great, I knew you could do it 😉 And hooray for you, setting up your advent the way you have, I think that is awesome. Have a Merry Christmas my friend!!

  4. HomeGoods panic is totally a thing. So is thrift store regret. 😉 I love all of the red in your home! It’s so festive and cozy!

  5. What a beautiful home you have Pam! Your Christmas decor is perfect…I just love all the red! It almost has a rustic feel, which I love. Thank you for sharing your home with us!

  6. Pam, you home is so warm, cozy and inviting! I would love to sit by that fire and sip some hot cocoa. Thank you so much for taking us on a tour of your lovely home and I wish you a very Merry Christmas!

  7. Your home is beautiful this year Pam, I love the painting over the fireplace and I doubt I would let it dry in my eagerness to see it. The cardinal tree for your brother and laughed at the Home Good story because wow can I relate. It happens to me often enough, so I am glad you had a happy ending.

  8. Homegoods panic attacK!! OMG we have all been there LOL!!! I love the red in your home. It’s just so comfy and just says Christmas. I love it. And that canvas over the fireplace is beautiful. I can see why you wanted it there, it’s perfect!

  9. Your home is beautiful Pam. I love your sparkly red decor, and how your tree can fit inside the bay windows. Just lovely! Have a wonderful Christmas!

  10. Pam,
    Your home is so lovely! And your tree is gorgeous. I love the living room tray with red candles, and the dining room display with the perfect blue pitcher. Your red cardinal tree touched my heart ❤️, and I want to make one, too, in memory of my mom, dad, brother and son. It is so simple, but beautiful. Thanks for sharing that personal memory of your new bike. It reminds me of my first bike on a Christmas morning (mine was purple!)
    Thanks for opening your gorgeous home to us! Merry Christmas!

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