Dream, Plan, Do – Turning Our Dreams Into Goals

Welcome to part two of our Dream, Plan, Do series.  Last week our assignment was to write down  all of our dreams, our short goals, big goals, bigger wishes, and hopes.  What a beautiful exercise to just spill your heart out on paper. If you miss that post you can find it here. CLICK ME

Today,  We are going to be Turning our Dreams Into Goals.

Dream, Plan,Do - Turning Our Dreams Into Goals


Last week we discussed targets aka goals  and learned that :

A target is a goal to be achieved; it is also something we aim for which means that we might not hit the bullseye on the first shot, but are making progress because we are focussing on the target.

Which that in mind our assignment today is to choose from our big goal lists of wishes, hopes and musts ( yes there are musts in our goals) we are going to choose the top five.  And my biggest suggestion to keep you motivated to achieving these goals is to choose  a must do, the most important to you, the most important to your family and the post important to your financial future (which could be the must do). Also choose one goal that will give you joy that you can achieve somewhat rapidly and feel the win!  For example: Pay off one of your credit cards, stay under budget grocery shopping for the month, walk every day for 30 days, or learn 100 words of a foreign language to make that dream trip to Spain even more wonderful.


Write down the top five dreams (goals) you would most love to do. Choose something wonderful, that is obtainable but still awesome.
But still aim as high as you can, dream big.  

We will see you in a few days! Let’s Get Those Goals Chosen so we can create steps for the win!  Hey, don’t forget to check out the free printable and get our newsletter from time to time so you can keep in the know.  P.S. Moms Rock

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  1. Hi Pam. I am a big goal setter, small goals, long term goals, measurable goals etc. The only thing I really have an issue with when goal setting is one that requires someone else. For example to live on an acreage with horses, or retire in the USA.

    I don’t think we can write them down as goals as there are too many variables. What do you think? Leanna

    1. Well, obviously your partner has to be on board about changing where you live and the horse thing is a super long term commitment. However, if he is on board then you can create a set of steps to accomplish together. Even something simple like the pros and cons of moving to retire in the USA.

  2. I love Benjamin Franklin, great quote. I’ve been working on mine….had too many but really they are happening…I made it to the gym finally yesterday!

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