Hey Momma, What’s For Dinner #3

This is week number three of Hey Momma, What’s for Dinner?  We are flipping our meal planning, adding as many healthy items as we can and sharing recipes that are super simple. I am very excited about gathering and tweaking recipes for that busy folks can have home-cooked meals without too much fuss.  Enjoy!   Also this week on mommacan.com we will have our last segment of the Dream, Plan, Do series!  Since creating and implementing the first two steps I have added another BIG GOAL to my dream list. I hope you have written down your goals, if not find the blog post links here.

Dream Plan Day Week One – Turning Our Dreams into Plans 
Dream Plan Do Week Two –  Turning Our Dreams into Goals

Hey Momma! What's For Dinner, week #3


Hey Momma, What’s For Dinner #3

Menu Plan This Week

Monday Baked Potato Bar

Tuesday  Asian Chicken Salad, Fruit for Dessert

WednesdayTuna croquettes, Corn and Peas Mix Up, Mashed Potatoes ( lots of starch so will add a cucumber salad for me)

Thursday – Leftovers, Frozen Soup,  Turkey Chili or Sandwiches – its Family Diner Night! I am having a mega-salad.

Friday   Turkey Burgers, Homemade Sweet Potato Fries, Vegetable Tray

Saturday – I need my Indian fix, Dining Out!

Sunday – Pasta with Sunday Gravy – zucchini noodles for me!

I hope you have and awesome week!


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