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How To Create A Beautiful Spring Table In Five Easy Steps

Create a pretty Spring Table in Five Easy Steps


Create A Beautiful Spring Table

I love a beautiful spring table. There is something about gathering charming textiles and jazzing them up with ornaments, candles and fresh flowers that just brings out the little girl in me.  My fondest memory is when my dad came back from deployment and was sitting at our little coffee table having an ice cream parlor/ tea party with me, his little girl.  I had never had one-on-one time with him (military brat life) and it was amazing in my child’s eyes to see his large hands holding those tiny cups.  Oh mercy, now I am in a puddle of tears.

Pretty Spring Table

Setting a pretty table is simple and really should not be done just for special occasions. Creating a pleasing atmosphere for meals helps our children realize how important our family meal time is to our everyday life.

Mercury Votive Candle Holder with Flowers
One of my favorite additions to the table were these votive candle holders with flowers.


Gorgeous Spring Table

Here is my favorite photo of the table. I adore the beautiful turquoise patterns and  layers with the mercury accents and the bright pink and yellow mums.  So, inviting for a spring brunch or luncheon!


Create A Beautiful Spring Table

Here are FIVE super simple steps to creating a Spring Table, perfect for brunch, Mother’s Day or any other special occasion. Now Create A Beautiful Spring Table!

  1. Clear off the table and wipe clean.
  2. Choose a color and theme and gather linens to compliment your choices. I usually use a white base, simply because I love layers.
  3. Grab your plates, bowls, cups, wine glasses,  utensils and whatever else you may need to enjoy your meal. Now add those to the table taking time to place them in an orderly fashion, in this photo I have silver chargers (which I love!)
  4. Gather some pretty ornamental objects and some candles. Use them sparingly or generously, it all depends on your mood and the theme. In this photo, I have mercury tea light and votive candle holders but am using the votive containers to hold flowers. I also have a large white pitcher, which is just perfect for so many occasions.
  5. Flowers are such a pretty element to a table. Any kind of natural element will add depth and amazing color but flowers just speak spring to me and they are a wonderful addition to any room in the home during this festive time of year.

Shop the basics of this table below and then add color from your own stash.  Note: I always try to use what I have before I shop. 🙂


This above is an affiliate link and helps to keep this blog alive and kicking! Thanks for reading and if you shop I keep a small percentage of your purchases without any additional charge to you!


Create A Spring Table in 5 Easy Steps

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  1. Your table setting is beautiful. The vibrant colors in the flowers are set off against the gentle, aqua blue in the table linens. Happy Easter!

  2. This is beautiful! I love the turquoise with the bright pink and yellow flowers! And the votive holders with flowers are amazing! I would have never thought to put flowers in votive holders. Can you come over and style my table please?! LOL

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