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The Dreadful Room – Enter If You Dare

the dreadful room


Welcome to Day Three of Organize Your Life in 3o Days!  Even the impossible is possible one tiny project at a time!

Is there a room in your house that you simple avoid or have a mini-panic attack if you have to spend any kind of time in there?  If you are shaking your head yes and shuddering in agreement then you may have a DREADFUL ROOM!

The only way to take this beast if through “live action” attacks to each and every corner until you have removed the dread and added the joy.  We are going to take a couple of tiny jabs at the beast today!

Tiny Project for Today

Identify Your  Dreadful Room

1. Find the messiest and  most overwhelming room in the house.

2. Take a note pad and write down the room purpose and the top 10 items used most frequently in the room.

3. Next, write down 10  items that are not used at all but just taking up space and creating visual stress.

4. Make a decision, what can you donate in this room to make it more relaxing for you and your family?

5. What can your organize in this room to make it more joyful and less dreadful for YOU and your family?

6. Donate your or toss your 5 items that you no longer use today and hopefully a few will come out of the Dreadful Room.

7. Spend 5 solid minutes organizing the Dreadful Room taking care to find extra donations or items to pass to a friend.


Tired of your Dreadful Room!  These steps could really help take out the dread and add some zippity – do – dah! 


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