Fall Festival Themed Auction Basket Ideas


Its that time a year again.  Room parents everywhere are scrambling to gather the good for the Fall Festival Themed Auction Baskets.  We are doing a Singing in the Rain theme this year but here are a few other idea to get your Room Parent head into its creative thinking mode.  Go ahead and add your ideas to the comment section.  We could inadvertently end up with the longest idea list in the world!


Fall Festival  Auction Basket Ideas


  1. Tennis- 4 rackets, 2 adult sized, 2 child sized, tennis balls, maps to local places to play that are free and a gift certificate for a free group lesson.
  2. Golf– Tee Time Prepaid for Two, sleeve of golf balls, couple of visors or ball caps from the school, tees, and perhaps a golf Voodoo Doll for fun.
  3. Family Game Night– 3 standard board games, an Air Popper, popcorn, some season salt, a six pack of unique colas, some bags of assorted candies.
  4. Spa– Gift certificate to local spa, some nice lotion ( I love Body Butter), hand creme, a scented candle and soaps.
  5. Costume Box- Filled a inexpensive chest with cute costumes from Halloween.  You can get so many different standard kinds during October.  Princess, military, Star Wars, Football etc. So simple!
  6. Say Cheese– A basket of goofy hats and scarves and a digital camera for a crazy photo shoot.
  7. Wine Tasting Basket- several half bottles of good wines, a set of wine tasting glasses and a couple of wine magazines. Perhaps add some cheese and crackers for a super fancy version.
  8. Classic Book Theme– Choose any well known classic novel, purchase a Kindle Reader or other reader, add the book from your theme in a gift card and a few elements of the book the reader will recognize.  It would not hurt to buy the actual book as well if you can find it.  I love the idea of Little Women in the scene where Marmee is receiving her Christmas gifts and of course Jo eating a the apples up in her loft.  Oh, now I just want to reread the wonderful book right away.
  9. Piano- A set of beginner piano books, a small keyboard and a month of lessons from a local teacher. You can usually play the first month without a full sized piano or choose a smaller instrument like recorder!
  10. Salsa!  A gift basket of several salsa with gourment organic tortilla chips and pita chips. I am not talking Pace Picante Sauce, I mean the good stuff. Think pineapple and habanero or something with color like salsa verde chunky style.

Click here for a 100 Idea List for Fall Auction Baskets! 

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