Up Before the Crows and Chickens

This morning I am up before the crows and chickens.  I say crows because we have plenty of those black monsters here in southern California. There is nothing in the world more annoying than a crow cawing away by your window at 5:00 am.

I am up early because the school is having a Jogathon. Why on earth they would choose to do so first thing is beyond me.  I mean, how on earth can all those children jog around that track before I have had my 3 cups of java in the morning?

And so I sit here in my comfy office chair, drinking coffee as fast as any rock star momma can and trying to remember what on earth we are supposed to do today to tidy our homes.  Oh wait, yeah…. we are still in the bathroom.

Simple Daily Challenge:  Sweep and mop the guest or children’s bathroom. Tidy up any items that need to be straightened or put away.  Tada!  We are finished.  Hooray for a clean bathroom!



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