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Baby Shower Photo Checklist PDF

Baby Shower Photo Checklist

Baby Shower Photo Checklist PDF

Hi, friends, today we are talking about baby shower photos and I am sharing our free printable baby shower photo checklist. Planning a baby shower is a ton of work and a ton of fun. YEAH!!!  🙂

To keep memories of this special it is nice to have plenty of photos taken before, during, and after the baby shower.  This is the mom’s last hurrah before heading off to nest and wait until the baby is born.   She will most likely be tired but will be in good spirits when she arrives and beaming with anticipation of the baby shower.

Try taking several photos of the decorations and things before the Mom-to-be arrives and then take several of her as soon as she gets there so she is not overly tired and her hair and makeup is fresh. Then go wild and crazy and takes lots and lots of candid photos and organized photos of friends and family.

I love Baby Showers.  I love the camaraderie of the mother hens sharing their birth stories with the young chicks and the amazing amount of energy that the gathering has for the young mom-to-be and the people they meet at the party. It is truly a festive event, full of laughter,  lovely colors, and inspiration.

I am providing a simple but amazing free printable pdf that has a photo checklist for your baby shower or for someone you may know who is having one!


Free Printable Baby Shower Photo ChecklistHere is the Baby Shower Photo Checklist

  • The Party Favor
  • The Invitation – You can do this early and take the time to style it up.
  • The Decorations
  • The Gifts
  • Capture the food and drink set-up. The hostess will also appreciate this one.
  • The over-all scene before the guests arrive.
  • The Mom-To-Be
  • The Mom-To-Be with Hostess
  • The Mom-To-Be with Family  (don’t forget the dad’s family!)
  • The Mom-To-Be with her Mom
  • Pictures with close friends and candid shots of games and good times.
  • The Proud Papa with his Mom-To-Be if he is in attendance.
  • Other Siblings with Mom-to-Be at the end of the party if they are available.
  • A couple of belly shots, after all, isn’t that what the shower is all about?
  • One photo surrounded by all the attendees.  I mean they came to celebrate the baby on the way and the mom-to-be, make a memory!


Baby Shower Photo Checklist - Free



I would love to hear what photos you feel are super important for baby showers!  Please leave a comment or a message on Facebook.  I truly enjoy hearing from all of you and if you are expecting, I give you my biggest heartfelt congratulations from myself and my whole family.

If you are planning a baby shower consider this book a nice gift for the mom-to-be. Chicken Soup for the New Mom Soul.

Grab your FREE Printable Baby Shower Photo Checklist




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