Favorite Spring Decor 2023

Spring is the season of renewal and rejuvenation. After a long and cold winter, it’s time to welcome the sunshine, warmth, and blossoming flowers. As a southern mama living in California , I always look forward to this time of year when I can refresh my home decor with bright and cheerful colors. From pretty pastels to bold and vibrant hues, there are so many ways to incorporate the season’s spirit into your home. In this blog post, I’m excited to share some of my favorite spring decor ideas that will help you welcome the season with open arms. Whether you’re looking for simple and subtle touches or statement pieces that make a big impact, you will find something that inspires you. So, let’s get started and bring the beauty of spring indoors! Let’s celebrate simple in spring decor this season!

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Yellow Gingham Spill Proof Tablecloth

This Indoor-Outdoor Spill Resistant Fabric Tablecloth is perfect for summer gatherings, parties, picnics, holidays, special occasions, and everyday use. Woven of high-quality polyester, this easy-care stain resistant tablecloth is machine washable for effortless entertaining. My favorite spring decor always includes a wee bit of gingham and lots of flowers!

Favorite Spring Decor Yellow gingham 60 x 84 tablecloth spill proof.
Style notes: The perfect spring luncheon. Add white ceramic pottery elements and fresh flowers. Mason jars for sipping cold tea and a fresh pasta salad lunch.

Rectangle Porcelain Appetizer Salad Plates

These beautiful serving plates are a great addition to any special event. They have a simple, shiny design that makes it easy to match them to any table linens or accessories. These plates are also a space saver. They stack well in cupboards, making them great to store. The rectangular shape also makes them perfect for displaying a variety of food, such as cupcakes, cookies, sushi, fruit, snack, appetizers or pastries. Each serving plate measure 8” L x 5” W x 1” H.

Style and Serving Notes: I love having a variety of white porcelain serving platters and plates. It gives variety to self serve luncheon and offers flexibility in presentation and small gatherings. These are perfect for a small bowl of soup with a half sandwich or salad.

Honey Bee Ball Masons Jars Collectors Edition

Show your love of bees, pollination and honey with these Mason jar honeybee glasses. The embossed designs honor the importance of bees to the environment and make each jar a unique piece of decor for your pantry, countertops or anywhere you like to display your dishes. These jars are also great for canning, crafting projects or as drinkware or storage. Y’all, these are just so darn cute!

Favorite Spring Decor always includes mason jars filled with flowers!
Styling tip, these are super easy to create floral designs! Just have one focal bloom, add smaller flowers and top off with some greenery. No ribbon required, but add one if you love ribbon bows! Find them at Target! And hopefully Amazon has them again soon!

Sweet Water Decor Candle Mango & Coconut Scent

Sweet Water Candles tropical pineapple, sugar, mango and coconut scent will have you dreaming of summer all year round. This candle has a perfect balance of sweetness and fruit notes. With a gentle hint of coconut, this candle will be your new favorite! Perfect for your kitchen countertop, bathroom vanity area, or next to your favorite reading chair.

Styling notes: I love having the lightest cotton throw on my reading chair in the summer, a sweet side table with a stack of books, a coaster for my tea, and a scented candle lighted. This is the ultimate busy mom break and is to be relished to the MAX! Even just 5 minutes is amazing, but a 15 minute Ahhh break makes a big difference on a busy day.

Vintage Glass Stackable Coffee Tea Mugs

Adorable Stackable Vintage Glass Coffee Mugs set is here to save your precious cupboard space and keep your kitchen clutter free. The transparent design is elegant and modern,perfect for a variety of occasions from family dinner to coffee breaks. This mug set is large enough to nicely go with espresso machines or coffee makers,and also works great for Cappuccino,Latte,Tea,Yogurt and Oatmeal. Choose LUXU,enjoy your great coffee time! Plus, they are just so darn pretty to look at!

Style and Use Tips: Grab a kettle and make an elegant pot of. Lady Grey tea, service with a bit of honey and some butter cookies, and your afternoon will be extra relaxing.

Floral Watercolor Pattern Tablecloth

Benson Mills Indoor Outdoor Spill-proof Fabric Tablecloth Floral Pattern Beautiful floral table cloth perfect for summer and spring. The watercolor floral pattern is just gorgeous and has just enough color to wow. The striking floral pattern is set off by a crisp white background, which creates an elegant spring lunch.

Styling tips: This beautiful spring/summer tablecloth is perfect for white dishes and natural elements like the seagrass placemats and that lovely polka dot style pitcher of flowers.

Favorite Spring Decor Needs Adorable White Easter Bunnies

You can use these adorable Easter Bunnies as decor on the shelf or table during Easter, the ribbon bow on its neck and the pink bunny ears look cute and funny. The main color of pink and white is very suitable for Easter or spring wedding decoration.

Styling tips: I know myself too well and I would enjoy the heck out of the pink ribbon on these little bunnies, but the next year I would have to add a little pizzazz with some more color! Like a nice black check to set off a little of Alice in Wonderland to the mix or a dashing orange for fun!

Colorful Tulips Real Touch

These amazing artificial tulips are made of special soft rubber, with heavy weight and a very soft touch. It can be sprayed with water to condense drops on the flowers. The DUYONE tulip is more real than other ordinary silk fabric and PU artificial tulip. PU artificial tulip is not durable and will turn yellow. Silk tulip is not real enough. DUYONE tulip will not turn yellow and keep its original color forever. If it is dirty, it can be washed with water! And they are just beautiful!

These tulips come in several colors and can be mixed with some real blooms to fill out vases in your home. Keep them in a cool atmosphere when storing, not scorching garages in the summer! I learned this tidbit the hard way, but still use the blooms. But they will last and you can always have a spot of color in the house in the spring and summer!

Enjoy this spring! Celebrate and Decorate with what you have and add a new sprinkle of joy in the mix once in a while!

What is your favorite spring decor? Share in the comments.

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